The field of psychology today lacks a basic understanding of self-deception, which to me is a basis for understanding things like depression and anxiety, as well as many other psychological phenomena. We have lists of symptoms and we group them together and categorize them into specific disorders, for example, but we as a community don’t understand what is at the root of those disorders (or much lighter versions thereof).  I seek to understand self-deception in this podcast, with the help of truths available to us in the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Bridging the gap between this area of science and religion is not easy, and some will say it shouldn’t be done, but I feel that it absolutely should be.  So much knowledge is available to us if we’ll only seek, knock, and ask!  And if we are open to truth from all sources.  Please join me in this quest!

I myself am a father, husband, musician, control systems engineer, and regular guy, among other things.  I studied philosophy and psychology in my undergrad at BYU and music technology for grad school at NYU.  I presently live in Kansas.

I Hope you enjoy the podcast and please participate by commenting or emailing me if you are inclined to do so!